The Elite Fashion Group is a one-stop-shop clothing, shoe and accessories manufacturer. We have an in-house design, development, marketing and production team available Monday through Friday to help make your apparel dreams come true. Conveniently located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles DTLA Arts District. We partner with both new and established brands locally and statewide. We are proud to be a minority owned US Made Garment Manufacturer since 2001. We have the capability to produce small and large batches domestic and overseas, our domestic MOQ is 300 units. 

We are your one-stop-shop for full package development,
marketing and production. . From ideation to creation, our expert design and development team will have your styles
"production ready" for a seamless execution. Our facilities are designed with creatives in mind, not only do we help brands achieve a successful launch, we provide a space for a creators imaginations to soar. From the initial construction consulting phase, to material and trim sourcing, relying on our teams expertise allows you to focus on delivering your best designs to your market. Our mission is simple- we deliver & support US Made goods and those creating them.

We've produced thousands of products for businesses, creatives, fashion designers, entrepreneurs and artists nationwide. The Elite Fashion Group has proven to be a reliable factory partner with excellent attention to detail and a team of professionals who care about the quality of the products they make. No matter how difficult the design or vision, our highly skilled  team is up for the challenge. Click the button below to take the first step in bringing your creative vision to life!

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