This is for the client that is ready to go into production. Final pattern in DXF format is ready and approved. A fit approved sample is ready to be provided to us to copy. You may have already sourced all your own fabrics and trims or need help with some materials, but you are still ready for production. You have a clear picture of what it is you want to produce.

The Elite Fashion Group Services - Level 1
The Elite Fashion Group Services - Level 2

This is for the client that is almost ready to go into production, but they are not quite there yet. You have sourced or made a sample for us to copy or tweak a bit. You have already sourced all of your fabrics and trims. You basically have a clear picture of what it is you want to produce.

This package was created for clients who are new to the apparel development & production world. 


  • Developing Prototype

  • Make Digital CAD pattern

  • Source all fabrics and trims domestically

  • Consult on construction and methods of manufacturing

  • Make PPS (Pre-production sample)

  • Make counter PPS after fitting

  • Make final fit sample

The Elite Fashion Group Services - Level 3
The Premium Stock Photo & Video Membership.jpeg


  • 60 Day Brand Launch Plan

  • Brand Identity & Marketing Assets

  • Website Development

  • Content & Advertisement Creation

  • Public Relations

  • Influencers/ Collaborations

  • Social Media Account/ Ad Management



As a leading and trusted full-package garment (CMTP) manufacturer, we position our brand partners with the support and means to develop, design, source, market and produce high quality products. Over the years, we have built long-standing business relationships with countless domestic and import fashion suppliers and as a result, it has made our pricing and sourcing abilities reasonably competitive for our clientele.


On top of that, we manufacture all sorts of products in the knit and woven categories, which include but are not limited to modern day fashion for men and women, children and pets, trims and fabrication.


Our Head of Production, production assistants, partners and facilities all adhere to strict quality control processes to minimize risk, loss of time, resources and cost. Additionally, we do offer our clientele the opportunity to have a professional fashion staff member right at their convenience for all production updates and timelines. We cultivate and appreciate long-term partnerships desiring to have an imaginative alliance backed with overall product brilliance.


Your total satisfaction is our number one priority!