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Influencers, Artist and Top Creatives will have the opportunity to collaborate with us to create designs of their own. 


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Never Forgotten Apparel

Never Forgotten Apparel was founded in 2018 by Adam Khoda- initially to create awareness after recognizing there was a mass disproportion in the number of homeless veterans in LA. He made it his mission to start a fashion line that would donate a percentage of gross sales to local and national veterans associations. Adam felt this was not enough and realized that people injured in service industry work, those recently released from prison and those who experience permanent disabilities and mental illness face similar challenges. The country he came to for a better life had failed those who no longer fit the supply chain. Adam realized he was in a position to manufacture high-quality products right here in the US while helping to boost our economy with stable, well-paying jobs. He wanted to be better than the companies that line their pockets with others hard work and in the process let their product quality and their workers conditions slide while enrich the executives. The mission for Never Forgotten Apparel is all in the name- under no conditions should we leave American’s in need behind.

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